Saturday, May 1, 2010

Learning Something New Every Day....

I learn more from my fellow Lupies than I ever could from my doctors. I read a post this morning from a fellow Lupie who said Lupus can also affect the autonomic system. That is, your breathing, heart rate, temperature, etc.

Huh. So that's why I sometimes have problems with my body temp. It's always waaaay below "normal" so if I have my temp taken by a doctor's assistant, and she declares I don't have a fever, I always ask: "What does it say?" She'll say, "98.6." And then I say, "Well, with me, that's a fever."

My regular PCP and her office staff are accustomed to me making remarks like that. Because they're true, and they know me very well after all these years. I don't go into her office just on a whim; it has to be something that I can't handle at home, on my own, with OTC meds.

Like the fever I had about a month ago. It turned out to be a UTI of biblical proportions, IMO. I couldn't get rid of it. Three rounds of Cipro later, I am sent to a urologist. He prescribes Macrobid for 30 days, and that does the trick.

There is nothing "normal" about a Lupie.

Just ask one.



  1. very informative blog, Marilyn.


  2. Thanks, Chelle. It's a laugh a minute! :)