Thursday, May 24, 2012

Video on You Tube

 A friend on my lupus support group, 
has created a video and has included a promo of my book, The Cards We're Dealt.  
 I am so proud of her.  
Link is here:

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Well, DUH!

I've been sick with an upper respiratory infection and I'm tired of it, now.  It's been 10 days of antibiotics twice a day and Mucinex DM every 4 hours (If you get the Walgreen's brand) or every 12 hours (costs more, but is worth it.)
So between hacking and coughing and trying not to get my asthma going, I've been pretty miserable.  I couldn't figure out why it was taking so long to get rid of this mess.
And then it dawned on me.....Of course.  I have lupus.  DUH.  Since my immune system is busy fighting other areas of my body, it won't pay attention to anything else.  Now, I've had lupus since 1988.  Been there, done most of that.  Chemotherapy via Imuran and Cytoxan at one point.  Prednisone and Plaquenil, now.  All automatic, morning ritual, without giving it a thought. 
So when I came down with this hacking cough, I acted like any "normal" person would....focus on the congestion. Went to the doctor who prescribed anti-biotics for ten days.  Took the last one yesterday. Why am I not well yet?
Heh.  Lupus is still alive and well running amock in my tired old body.
That's why.
But I'll be better tomorrow.