Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Big Ol Flare

I think I'm having a flare. I have mouth ulcers, feel crummy, and running a bit of a low grade temp....even if the thermometer says "98.6" that's not normal for me. That's a bit of a fever. And thirsty! My gosh, i could drink the lake dry.....although in this drought-stricken part of TX, the lakes wouldn't be that much to drink.....we need some rain. Woke up this morning to the sound of thunder. Just a few sprinkles, then nothing. Back to 103 degrees today.
And if dealing with a flare isn't enough, there is the continuing saga of the Social Security mess made when I made a simple request to file for disability.
I was, for some strange reason, treated as a new SS Recipient, with a welcome and everything. Trying to unravel that error involved three trips to the local Fort Worth SSA office, and today I discovered I no longer exist in any pharmacy files. I know, because Walgreen's had no information on me, and I couldn't get my Lantus.
Besides having lupus, I also have diabetes, and must take Humalog during the day and Lantus at night. It was time to refill the Lantus yesterday. Son went up to Walgreen's and they said I wasn't in their records. Have I died? Evidently.
WalMart gave me a refill of amitryptiline but charged $10.00. I will get reimbursed, I heard when I called my Medicare Provider, Secure Horizons. After some time of clicking and typing heard on the other end of the phone, they said it was all okay, now.
Until the next time Social Security decides I don't exist.
If you want something really messed up, go to any government agency. Tell 'em I sent ya.....

Thursday, August 4, 2011

How Weather Affects Us

I have a problem with the heat that is currently cloaking N Central TX like a heavy overcoat. Yesterday was 110 degrees, give or take a degree or so.
I'm praying the air conditioner holds out and continues to keep my house cool. I hate to go outside in this heat, so when I have an errand to run, I do that in the early morning, when it's "cooler" -- say, 90 degrees or so.
I know I sound like a big baby, but I literally cannot tolerate the heat.....my body rebels and I might find myself in the hospital if I'm not careful. I also find myself getting kind of paranoid about possibly being stranded on the road if my car conks out....I can hear you asking, "What about the winter time? Wouldn't you just about freeze to death if you were stranded in the snow?" Well, yeah. But I would hope that I have enough good sense to wear protective clothing, maybe even throw a blanket in the back seat, and get out of the biting wind by sitting in the car.....
It's soooo much different in the summer heat. You can't remove any more clothing than what's covering you now....there are laws about that. You can't sit in the car while you're waiting for help -- that would be counterproductive, since the car would just block any vagrant, although hot, breeze. And, anyone with lupus MUST stay out of the sun.
So you can see why this season is hard on me. And on anyone who has lupus.
I'm waiting for October. It might be cooler by then.