Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another Name for Lupus.....

I have read another name for lupus....somewhere. I don't know whom to credit, or blame, or where I saw it for that matter, but here is another name for SLE and I can certainly relate to it: "Come and Go Weird-Itis."
That explains it for me today, at least. I wake up in a whole new world every day. Will I be able to get out of bed? Hmmmm. Yeah, today I did.
Will I be able to put on the coffee, go outside to get the morning paper, prepare a bit of breakfast? Yeah, today I did that.
Now, did I take my meds? Uh, huh. Can I get a shower and dress for the day, even if it is jeans and a t-shirt that has seen better days? Check.
Then I sit down at my computer.....Heh. My body has been cooperating so far today, but my mind has gone AWOL. What do I need to accomplish today? Or, better yet, what am I ABLE to accomplish today? Okay, I'll check my emails and see if I have an editing project. Nope. Try to write something in Facebook, then. Sigh. Nothing comes to my muddy mind. Yesterday, I wrote a lot. Today, nothing seems to surface from the sludge I call my brain.
I need to do some promotion work on at least one of my books. What is today? Tuesday? Okay, find the sheet that lists where you can promote on Tuesdays. Then do the form email for that day for that site. Whew. That took about an hour. Now I feel guilty that I should have been writing more on my novel-in-progress.
My mind then tells me to quit being so hard on myself. I'm having a Lupie day.
Oh, speaking of Lupies....I go back to my emails and there are a bunch of messages from my Lupie friends.
I read them and reply. Then I feel better. At least I feel like I have done something constructive today.
And the sad part of all this is: I may have to go through the whole thing again tomorrow. Yep. Lupus is definitely known as Come -And Go Weird-Itis. At least for me today.


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