Friday, October 21, 2011

Flares and stuff....

Lupus. The gift that keeps on giving. Sailing along, feeling fairly decent for a while, I encounter a new symptom......I have vasculitis in my legs.
Not to worry. I'm put on prednisone, once again. Small amounts, this time for just a couple of weeks, and then I taper off.
Okay. That's not too much to put on a lot of weight. And the vasculitis fades.
However, I also encountered a UTI.....which calls for antibiotics.
Not a great combination for me.
So I had a follow-up appointment, everything is back to what I laughingly call "normal."
And I casually mention that my heels hurt. Just my heels.
Doctor takes a look, runs his hand over my heels, then up to my toes. Heels hurt like heck. Rest of the foot is okay.
"Bone spurs. Get some inserts for your shoes. And don't go barefoot."
Whoa, hold on there, pardner. I LOVE going barefoot in the house. Even in the wintertime. I will wear warm socks when it's really cold, but otherwise, I'm shoeless.
I manage to croak out, "Oh, No."
He says it again. So I'm defeated. I don't want to hurt any more, either.
So I stopped by Wal-Mart and got some nice, comfy houseshoes with a good heel support, and some shoe inserts, three pair in a nice package. I put them inside my favorite shoes and went off to another doctor's appt. yesterday.
And I'm amazed at the difference. My heels don't hurt.
At last. Simple.
For a complex problem, a simple solution.