Saturday, February 5, 2011


The bronchitis that I had a couple of weeks ago has returned. With a vengeance. I called to get my prescription for Zpak refilled, and had to go thru the doctor on call, since my PCP's office was closed. Due to the snow and ice in the DFW area.

Can't say I blame them. I haven't been anywhere since Tuesday morning, when we got the first blow of a vicious winter storm. Ours took the form of high winds, thunder and lightning, drenching rain, and then -- omg, sleet and freezing rain. Nobody was going anywhere on Tuesday morning. Or Wednesday. Or Thursday. Or Friday.

Today, I see some thawing on the roofs; the sun is out. When it reaches above freezing, I'm going to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription and other medical necessities. They tell us this respite won't last too long; we're supposed to get more snow tomorrow -- Super Bowl Sunday, and then on Wednesday, we'll have another Super Storm blow through.

I'm wondering if my poor lupie body is reacting to barometric changes? I ache all over. And my ribs occasionally scream at me -- possibly an inflammation of the rib cartilage.

In the life of a lupie, it's always something. I'm just grateful things aren't any worse.