Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pushing my Luck?

It's the crazy season already. You know, the Christmas season rushing towards us like a steam engine gone amok, and we have to respond: either jump aboard or get run over.
This season will be a true test of how well my remission from lupus really is. I'm not only anticipating Christmas, with its attendant cleaning frenzy, shopping, and decorating, but I've also been very busy putting my books back on the Internet, under Create Space and Amazon. It's a steep learning curve for this old lady, but I'm getting there. Four up, four to go.
I thought my "benign essential tremors" were gone, but I find myself shaking a bit before I go to bed. Maybe it's the lapse in time from when my daytime dose of Primadone wears off and the nighttime dose hasn't become effective.
At least, that's my opinion. Until I'm proven otherwise, I will plod along, doing what I can, with lupus flares far from my mind. Another thing, I am not in dire straits like so many Lupies I know and love, or even my friends who don't have lupus, but are beset by chronic conditions that threaten to take them down.
All things considered, I think I can do this silly season without too much harm to my tired old body.
If not, well, too bad. I'll do as much as I can, and forget about it. Each year, I decorate the house less. Each year, the tree doesn't get trimmed with ALL the ornaments I've accumulated through the years. Each year, I let my family members pitch in and help after the Christmas dinner is consumed. I haven't quite reached the stage of "screw it, we'll have paper plates and cups."
But it's getting close.