Tuesday, April 19, 2011

And Another Eye Doctor Appointment....

It took about an hour to get into the exam room, have the tests done and then leave the facility yesterday, stunned at the information I need to remember. Fortunately, the technician handed me some written instructions for the day of the first surgery, scheduled for 6 AM on Tuesday, 26th. I'll be in a "twilight sleep" and can wear my own clothes, is the best of the information I absorbed. Fortunately, my son was with me, the voice of reason, he is, and he asked the pithy questions, mostly about "How Much" will all this cost?
We thought we knew, but we didn't count on getting prescription eye drops for pre-op and post-op use. So we went to our friendly neighborhood Walgreen's and asked the clerk to see how much this will set me back.
Heh. Too much. Over $160.00 in copays for three kinds of eye drops. The only good news is, I can use them for both surgeries. Big deal.
So I'm calling the dr's office to beg for samples. The tech implied that she might be able to get me some samples. I called the office yesterday and left a message for her to call back, but you all know it's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.
I'm kind of bummed about the whole thing. One is the cost, of course. Another is believing that I'm really getting old.....which I am....and a third is, I don't do well with any kind of sedative. I tend to throw up. A lot.
Oh, and my blood pressure was really LOW. It is normally 120/80, but yesterday it was 90/60. Should I be concerned? The tech didn't say much, except that my heart rate was high. Can you say, "Anxiety?"
Oh, and btw, I asked the tech about the "wrinkle" on the retina on my left eye. Asked her if the doctor could fix it in this surgery.....
Heh. Of course not. I'll have to be referred to "a retina guy."
Trying not to cross that bridge before I come to it......
Who has more fun than a Lupie?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More with the Eyes

Well, thanks to the Lovely Lady Lupe, I now have cataracts that need to be removed. Partially due to all the prednisone and Plaquenil I've had to take thru the years. Of course, I tell myself it has nothing to do with my age, which is getting right up there to the mid-70s. In fact, I have a birthday on Thursday, 21st. But all things considered, I'd rather have that birthday than not. Problem is, with my cataract surgery, I don't have the $$$ available, and they don't take American Express, which is my credit card. My only credit card. So what to do? I can postpone the surgeries and save up, which would take me until oh, April of 2020, maybe. I wonder what people do who can't afford this surgery and absolutely have to have it? I'm not too proud to look for alternatives in funding. Other than my grown kids, who have enough on their plates without taking on Mom's eye care. My daughter in CA has agreed to help me with my dental bills, which thanks to Sjogren's, are considerable, and my teeth really need to be cleaned and a cap put on one of my front teeth that is cracked, vertically. I told her if it cracks any more, I'll end up looking like a hillbilly with an IQ of 50. But back to the eye problems. I have a couple of days before I have to call and postpone, and my son is working hard to see how we can afford this.... I'm well aware that I have no money sense whatsoever, as my kids have been pointing out for years.... I tell them I'm an artiste, not an accountant. I have a day or two before we have to call and postpone, so we can "explore our options." Meaning, do we eat, or do we put gas in the cars, or have the eye surgery? It's about that bad, folks. I never thought I would be one of those Senior Citizens who would have to choose between groceries or medications, but I'm there. I need to order more Humalog and Lantus, and even with my co-pay, it's expensive. I get the Humalog via Canadian meds, so I save a bit there. Okay, enough of this. Everybody has problems. So far, I have a roof over my head, groceries in the pantry and fridge, enough gas in the car to get me to my doctor's appt. this afternoon (unrelated to this cataract thingy) and all is well, today. Wish me luck.