Saturday, November 13, 2010


I had an appointment Thursday with my rheumy. I went armed with a list of all the strange symptoms that have been happening to me lately, with dates and time of day attached, just to be as precise as I can in detailing how many times a week I have eyelid twitching, dizziness, nosebleeds or double vision.

After listening carefully for a few moments, his response was: "Yes, you need to see a neurologist." I told him I already have an appointment.

Then we turned to my lab tests. He said all were unremarkable, but I had too much thyroid meds. I was stunned. I am taking the lowest doseage, and have been for years. I have no shaking, out of control eating and losing weight, all the warning signs I had years ago when my thyroid went on overdrive and I nearly had a stroke. My rogue thyroid was dissolved with radiation, and I've been taking replacement hormones since.

So what the heck is going on? Well, thanks to my lupies on the Internet and Google, we came top the conclusion that my pituitary was spitting out too much thyroid. And one possibility that it's acting up is that Imight have a tumor.

A benign tumor,to be sure, as they are rarely cancerous, but I can see how all the symptoms fit. Now I just need to make an appt. with my PCP to get her "take" on this, and to keep my Dec. 2nd appt. with the neurologist.

Knowledge is power. On the other hand, "a little knowlege is a dangerous thing."

I'm trying not to depend on guesswork right now. I just want all these wacky symptoms to stop. If surgery is required, I read that the surgeon can go into the brain from the nose.

Wow. Modern medicine. But I'm still not there, yet. Just getting some information.

Even as I type this, another wave of dizziness has washed over me. Doesn't last long; I don't faint; I can keep my equilibrium and it soon passes. And, oh, yeah, the aura in my eyes. Often and lasting longer than they used to.

Oh, well. Can't do anything about any of this today. Just keep on keepin' on.

Maybe all this will stop as suddenly as it started.

We can still hope.


  1. Hi,
    A few months ago I started seeing auras, kind of double vision but with a lot of light like aura, and my vision had been going downhill for months. Turned out it was plaquenil toxicity. Stopped taking the plaquenil and after a few months I don't have the aura issue anymore. My vision is still very bad. Just a thought.
    I hope you are having a good, pain-free, low symptom day!

  2. Sorry I just noticed your comment. Very wise to d/c the Plaquenil.