Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cognitive Issues -- Or Old Age?

I got a call last week from one of my friends, Judy, inviting me to a party at her house on the 11th. I dutifully accepted the invitation and marked it on my calendar. I thought she sounded kind of vague about details (what time, should I bring something? etc) but chalked that up to her being in a hurry.
So this morning -- the 11th, I call my friend Joyce who is one of those invited, and asked her if she would be going tonight. There was dead silence on the other end of the line.
Finally she stuttered, "I thought it was December 11th!" Then she said, "If it is today, I can't go because I'm feeling lousy."
So I thought I should call Judy and ask her when the party was....
And she said December 11th. Then she graciously said, laughing, that she "might have said November 11th, so don't worry about it, and you can still come over."
I called Joyce back and told her it was next month.
I've got to stop doing things like that.
Today is my rheumy appointment that I showed up for LAST month. That much I'm sure about. (I think.)

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