Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fun With Lupus?

Yep. We Lupies have to laugh or we'd be crying all the time. From brain fogs to falling like a drunk; from asserting ourselves with health care professionals and then sharing with others; from meds changing our moods and our weight.....we share our stories online and in lupus support groups world-wide.
While gathering material from others for publication in a new book, I have been touched to the point of tears at someone sharing her pain, frustration and feeling of "going crazy" and then a post arrives that sends me into much-needed belly-laughing.
One of the messages I read was from a fellow Lupie who was bemoaning the brain fog issue. For those who don't know what this is, (also called Lupus Lapse, or Brain Fart, or as somebody said her kids referred to it as The Thingy-Thing or What's Its Name, we find that we often blurt out words that have nothing to do with the object we are reaching for in our befuddled minds. I have been known to call a refrigerator a lampshade (causing my family to say HUH?) and refer to one of my grandchildren as "youngest kid" because the sweetie's name somehow eludes me. Sigh.
But the one I found the most hilarious was presented by another fellow on-line Lupie who said she was sitting with one of her children outside, admiring the flowers and butterflies. She intended to say, "pretty butterflies" and out of her mouth came the words: "Flying mushrooms."
I think I may have found a title for my new book: Life with Lupus and Flying Mushrooms.


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