Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Tree Up....Finally

I'm taking my own good advice about the holidays. I was in CA with my daughter and her family for Thanksgiving and came back with maybe a little flare.....certainly something to be expected. So far, so good; it's just a tired feeling and a little rash here and there. Itchy rash, raised and red. Not the shingles, thank goodness; I've had those several times and don't care to ever have them again. This rash isn't painful, just irritating.

So, being the traditionalist that I am, I got the tree out of storage and sorted through the boxes (yes, plural, boxes) of decorations. Overwhelmed by just putting the crystal and red cranberry garlands on the tree, I decided this year I would only have white decorations and angels. All unbreakable.

Except for the personalized "mouse in a stocking" ornaments given to me about 30 years ago by a sorority sister. A secret sister, so secret I don't even remember her name. But each year, the tradition has been for each child to hang his/her own mouse on the tree, and woe to anyone who dares hang his sister/brother's ornament. I've also designated certain ornaments as my grandchildren's personal ornaments, and they will hang them when they come over -- probably Christmas Eve.

We drew names this year for the adults; all the kids under 16 will get some little something -- I'm putting small items in their stockings -- saves wrapping, ya know. They always enjoy the bubbles, and each year I put chocolate covered cherries in one daughter's stocking. If I ever didn't do that, I think she might be really hurt.

So my point is, finally.....take it easy on yourself, too. Don't expend your energy where it's not absolutely required. My eldest niece, love her, is having the whole family for Christmas dinner. Of course, that's always been MY tradition, but we have to let go, finally, and allow the newer generation to have those honors.

It's a mixed blessing. Like so much in life.

If I don't post between now and Christmas, please know I wish everybody better health -- good health, even though that's asking old Santa a lot. If anybody can pull it off, he can!



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