Monday, May 30, 2011

The Lupie as Caregiver....

My 52 year old son who lives with me, has been almost bedridden for the last month. After three trips to the ER, one by ambulance, we finally have a "sort of" diagnosis. Something is wrong with his back. He had focused on his knee, and the medical personnel at the ER focused on his knee, also. He was given a prescript for Vicodin, which made him sleep all the time, and surly.
At the third visit, we got a doctor who knew what he was doing. "It's bulging discs in your spine," he told him.
So he's now on Tramadol and seeing a specialist, who, God help us,. will no doubt order another MRI when we visit his office tomorrow. It seems each doctor wants his "own" test results, and this orthopedist seemed to think it's something other than disc problems, perhaps a pinched nerve.
Meanwhile, I am coping as best as I can, hoping to stave off a visit from my own medical nightmare, Lupus. I've been getting as much rest as I can, between fetching and carrying, and the house shows it. I'm fretting over the state of the house -- needs a good cleaning, but I can no longer do anything more than light housekeeping, and I sure can't afford a cleaning service.
I'm having overnight company on June 8th, before I go to OK for my high school reunion.
This is MY goal. I can't make my son's goal for him; that's between him and his doctor.
I'm so glad I know this. While I am concerned for my son's health, I am also remembering that if I'm knocked flat by a lupus flare, I'm no good to anybody.
So, lessons learned the hard way.....Take care of yourself. There's only so much a person can do.
My friend just might have to arrive to a house in disarray. And that's okay. I know she's not coming to see how I keep house, but coming to see ME. An old high school friend.
My job today is to just breathe.......

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