Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Neurologist's Appointment

If I have to go to a neurologist, I'm glad he's the one. Young guy (at my age, all doctors are young) very observant.
We reviewed how I was doing after increasing the Primidone to 50 mg. in the morning and one at night. Gave me a new prescription for that. He had me do the usual exercises and said I was "rock solid" for standing still and holding my arms out while my eyes were closed. Then he had me walk across the room; I had told him I was having issues with balance. He observed me and said, "You're walking with some hesitation; your left leg seems a bit slower than the right." I told him that's what I felt when I got up from my chair to do something, and my left leg insisted on leading me the wrong way, if it doesn't absolutely give way and tries to make me fall. Of course, I couldn't duplicate that in the doctor's office.
So all in all, he thinks the meds are working, and we're keeping it that way until January, when I have my next appt.
I'm still wondering if this is a part of lupus acting up, or if it's something else apart from the lupus. It really doesn't matter, i suppose, as long as I'm being treated for these benign essential tremors.
I have an appt. with my rheumatologist next week. I've done the lab tests, so he'll be able to see if I'm in a flare or not.
It's always something.

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