Sunday, September 15, 2013

Is it Life or is it Lupus?

I make no secret of my age, or my medical condition(s). My best friends know what to expect when we get together, and we try very hard to avoid having an "organ recital." One friend has heart problems, and the other has pulmonary hypertension. Yet we persist.

My recent diagnosis of "benign essential tremors" is being added to my list of medical conditions. The prescription med seems to be working, for the most part. We'll see if my neurologist wants to bump it up to 100 mg. from the 50mg I started on a couple of weeks ago. I vote yes.

So I guess I'm asking, what kind of energy level should I expect from a "normal" (heh) 75 year old woman? I look at my 93 year old mother, still going strong, despite a couple of heart attacks and a recent fall. I think I'm following her example by looking at my own medical history and thinking of it as just a nuisance.

Granted, I move slower than I did a couple of years ago. That's because I can't trust my balance very much lately. I used to see "older" people shuffle along and wondered why they did that. Now I know: they don't want to fall, either.

I have a cane and a walker. I've been encouraged to use them, both or one, whichever one I feel more comfortable with. These devices were acquired when I had vasculitis in my ankles some years ago, and I really did need them. I was working as a "temp" and used my cane. Another time, I felt more comfortable using my walker.

I was talking to one of my friends the other day about my concerns, and she said, "Use your cane; I have one."
I thought about it for a minute, and then countered with: "I'll see your cane and raise you my walker."
Gotta laugh to keep from crying. 

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