Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Eyes Again....

For about a month, I experienced daily auras in each eye (they took turns) and developed a twitching of my left eyelid. Constant. Daily.

So I had made an appointment with a neurologist to see what was going on.

And then the symptoms stopped. No more eye blinking, no more auras.

So for that I was glad. Didn't need the hassle of yet another referral to yet another doctor.

Until.....this week. They're baaaaaack.

Concensus among the Lupies yahoo group is the aura is probably caused by a migraine (painless) caused by stress, and they're probably right. I had been to Wal-mart to pick up a prescription and they had ONE person at the prescription counter. I waited 30 minutes in the drive through until I decided to hike into the facility and get my refill in person. And there was a line of six people. So I just sidled up to the person behind the sign that said "Consultation" and I said, as clearly and calmly as I could, "I know this is not your job. But I have been waiting for 30 minutes in the drive-through lane, and I would like to pick up my prescription NOW."

And she dropped what she was doing and went over to where the refills were stored and returned with my prescription. I thanked her as civilly as I could and returned home.

It was about thirty minutes later that my right eye developed the aura that was intense but beautiful(!) and it lasted for about half an hour.

Just the same amount of time I boiled over not getting my refill picked up.....

And as soon as the aura faded, my eyelid began to twitch.

Stress, huh? Just what I don't need.....

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