Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One More Time...Is It Life, or Is It Lupus?

I'm sure I've asked that question before. I've been living with lupus for over 21 years, now, having had the usual pain, fatigue, some skin problems, med all know about that. I've been in remission for a long time, now, and intend to stay that way. (I can hear lupus snickering at me right now.) By taking my meds, avoiding stress as much as possible, and getting enough sleep and rest, I've had a "sor far, so good" attitude.

Until a couple of weeks ago. I began feeling kind of "lousy." Maybe it was a cold coming on. Not bad enough for it to feel like the flu, but enough to make me feel fatigued. I had some strange blister-type things in my hair and along my hairline around my face. Then I had some signs of pitacea (sp?) the little red dots that show up meaning you have had some kind of blood vessel burst. Just a few. On my left upper arm. On my right upper arm, I had a scaly patch that I unconsciously scratched until it bled. Just a little.

My knees started to hurt. Oh, my. Was I having a flare?

I had a rheumatologist appt. the next week, so after I got my lab work done, I felt sure something would show up indicating a little flare. I certainly wasn't imagining things, because with the increased brain fog, my imagination had gone on strike.

So it was with some kind of hope ---

oops. Computer cut off this really great post. But you get the idea.



  1. For the last 2 mos I have had similiar symptoms, just feeling lousy a well, along with what looks to be a busted blood vessels in a couple places that have left a tad bit smaller than a dime size red/purple circles, also I am bruising worse than usual. Scary to imagine, but I have even less energy than normal, & my low grade fever is leaning to 101.9 at times. At first I thought it was the flu, or cold, but I think this is a fairly good size flare. I have not been able to much of anything, what energy I do have, gets zapped very quickly.

    Hope you start to feel alittle better soon!


  2. Sounds like it to me, Nicole. I hope it isn't, but if it is, maybe it won't last long. I think mine was a small hit-and-run flare. I'm okay, now....
    Take care of yourself.