Thursday, October 8, 2009

Be a Part of My New Book!

I've received some contributions to my new project, but can always use more. I just sent a note to one lupus support group thanking them for their honesty and intensity of emotion in dealing with this disease. I also reminded the group that entries don't have to be "perfect" by way of grammar and punctuation -- my publisher and I will take care of that issue. Besides, things written in the heat of the moment are the most honest, and sometimes even I get carried away with typos. Really. Heh.

I think to make my blogging day easier -- I don't post every day on each blog -- I'll consolidate all my book blogs into one. My lupus blog, of course, will remain, as will my military brat blog. I'll keep my Aged to Imperfection blog, though. I have entirely too much fun with it to let it go.

Today, in my lupus life, I'm kind of aching. I attribute this to the change in the weather. A cold front is blowing in -- again. We here in N. Central Texas are really being battered by rain and thunderstorms. It's a good thing I ran all my errands yesterday so I don't have to be out on slick streets today. Texans don't drive very well in rainy weather. We're generally not acquainted with so much rain on the road that we tend to drive "as usual" even in rainy conditions. As for ice.....well, you can imagine.

Okay, I'm off to consolidate my blogs. Before the wind takes out the electric power lines......



  1. Hi, my name is Roxanne I'm 21, and was diagnosed with Lupus and another Autoimmune almost a year ago. I don't know anyone who has Lupus, and I really like your blog, do you mind if I follow??

  2. I'd love for you to follow my blog, and, would you like to be a part of my newest book on lupus? I'm looking for newbies, bless your hearts, oldies, family members, whoever would like to comment on this disease and how it affects us and everyone around us.
    I haven't been doing a lot on any of my blogs, lately; I'm also a freelance editor and have just finished a manuscript that I REALLY earned my money for! A friend, fellow writer, but I should have charged him twice, lol.
    Anyway, think about it, and if you think you would like to contribute anything at all to my newest book, let me know. I'll send you a Release from the publisher's lawyers (pesky things!) and a brief outline to get you started.
    I mentioned that I am an editor, but please don't try to make your writings perfect. We can always edit for content, clarity and grammar, etc. but we like the honesty that comes from somebody's hot keyboard!
    You might try the Lupus Foundation or find a local lupus support group -- if you don't have one in your area, or would like to do something else, you can always try : LUPIES@yahoogroups. They are terrific, and you'll get a lot of information there, from those of us who are also trudging this road. And the Files section is great. Try them.
    I hope you have a good rheumatologist and are on some kind of meds -- prednisone, maybe, and Plaquenil, which seem to be the standard "starting out" meds. And I hope you don't have a lot of pain. Don't settle for anything less than meds for your pain. It's real, and it hurts, no matter where it is.
    Keep in touch.

  3. Hi Roxanne, my name is Nicole, & I have had Lupus since my early teens, I am 40 now. I was formally diagnosed 6yrs ago. The last 10yrs have been quite an enlightening experience for me.

    Your more than welcome to follow my blog, & email me. There are thousands of questions, I don't know al the answers, but I have been in the hospital systems with crappy Drs, & know what to look for, & just have the trial and error approach to what might work for me, or possibly others. Hope your having a "Good" day! - Blog - Facebook