Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Contributors Adding Up.....

Thanks to all who have so far indicated their willingness to be contributors to my newest lupus book. They have received their Contributor's Release Forms and general outline of what this book will be about, and I'm excited to see this project moving along.
My request is on twitter and facebook, as well as several lupus online support groups, and I'm talking to the local chapter of the LFA to see what ideas they may have.
I might add that my first book, Diagnosis: Lupus: The Intimate Journal of a Lupus Patient, has been endorsed by the LFA's education committee as Recommended Reading. I hope to gain this distinction with this new project also.
The thrust of this book is relating, in many different people's words, how lupus affects each person differently, to what degree, and how each person copes with this disease. Or not. I have invited lupus patients to choose one of many topics to share, or even to "vent" their frustrations, and we can extrapolate from those messages any or all topics to include.
Contributors will be anonymous, as will their locations. Their privacy will be maintained throughout the process, and their messages will be sent to a separate email account: lupusproject@sbcblobal.net.
Let's spread the word so we can better educate and inform those "civilians" (those who don't have our disease) and gain a greater awareness of what happens to our bodies, mind, and spirit when this disease strikes.
Pass this message along. Somebody needs your help.


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