Thursday, July 30, 2009


I think I have found an answer to the mysterious "auras" that come upon my eyes every so often, disrupting my activities by limiting my vision somewhat in at least one eye for about 15-20 minutes.

Thank God they're not painful nor accompanied by the classic migraine symptoms. My eye doctor and my rheumatologist tend to shrug them off as "painless migraines" without providing much more information. My eyes are not being harmed in any way, it's not painful, so it's just "something that happens that's not to worry about."

That's because they're not seeing out of my eyes. I'm in the kitchen, putting dishes away, and they all of a sudden have a halo around them. Pretty colors, like a rainbow, but they're not supposed to do that. I tolerate this visual disturbance as long as I can, but figure handling sharp knives is probably hazardous to my health, so I go lie down and close my eyes until the shining lights fade away.

So I've been on several online lupus support groups, and from what I'm reading, this may be part of the lupus working on the central nervous system. It figures that every other part of my body either has been or is now being affected by this hit-and-run disease. I'm in remission, but this crazy disease doesn't know that. It still has a campfire set up in various parts of this tired old body and occasionally, it will fan the fires to let me know who's boss.

That's just what I figure is going on. Not to worry. It could be worse.

Our theme song.


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